Fresh organic salads, simply homegrown.

Everything you need to grow your own organic salads, delivered straight to your door.

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UrbnEarth is the world's first automated service for growing the freshest, safest, and most delicious salads at home.

Introducing The Planter

Experience the first at-home salad growing system that waters itself and learns which plants to grow based on your unique conditions.

  • Fresher than store bought

    Salads last up to 4X longer by cutting out harmful chemicals and contamination from triple-washing.

  • We take kale of the details

    The Planter takes care of the watering and the app takes care of the rest. Easy peasy!

  • 24 Delicious salads from porch to table

    Grow enough greens to enjoy a fresh, seasonal salad every couple of days. No more bagged salad mush.

The Benefits

Everything you need shipped

UrbnEarth automatically delivers new seed trays and planter mix straight to your door when it's time to grow again.

Automatic Watering

The Planter uses sensor-driven irrigation technology to water your plants from a built-in reservoir. Never over or under water again.

No pesticides, no chemicals, no GMOs

You are what your food eats. UrbnEarth seed trays are organic and compostable so you never have to worry about what's in your food.

Always seasonal & recipe inspired

Everything you grow is recipe inspired, this way you only grow things you can throw in a salad.

Organic doesn't have to be expensive

Salads grown in the Planter last longer, saving you at least 50% on organic produce and unnecessary waste.

Porch to table

Taste the difference with unique and organic ingredients, making the salads you grow the best you've ever had.

How it Works


Trays arrive at your door

The Planter monitors your growing conditions to send you personalized seed trays and planter mix.


Drop in & fill up

Simply drop in the compostable trays, fill up the tank with water and away you grow!


Get notified at harvest time

The UrbnEarth app knows what you're growing and notifies you when your plants are ready to be picked.


We grow it, you toss it

Toss your fresh greens and enjoy, meanwhile new seed trays are on the way!

  • Inspired by his father’s battle with diabetes, UrbnEarth founder and CEO Phil Weiner set out to create a foolproof way for everyone to experience the health benefits of homegrown food.

  • Don't let city life stunt your green thumb. This gardening box is perfect for families with small spaces.

    Red Tricycle
  • Check out UrbnEarth, an awesome start-up bringing new meaning to Farm-to-Table, for Urban-ites and Suburban-ites alike. They create guided gardening products that make growing food easy, sustainable and educational.

    Catrina Armendariz
  • [The Planter] is a great way to get people excited about growing their own food.

    Reese Williams

As local as you can get

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

We are currently taking reservations for the Planter. Once the reservation period ends we will begin taking pre-orders.

What do I get in the subscription packages?

Each subscription kit is personalized based on your growing environment. You’ll receive timely deliveries of compostable seed trays, planter mix and unique ingredients to make the salad you grow, the best salad you’ve ever had.

How much does the subscription cost?

Depending on the outdoor climate in your region, subscriptions will range from $30-$40 per month.

Can I customize my seed trays?

Each subscription is recipe-inspired and personalized based on variable growing conditions so you you don’t have to decide which plants grow best.

How much sunlight do I need?

The Planter works best outdoors in areas with 4+ hours of direct sunlight and at temperatures above 35º F.

Can I grow indoors?

This Planter version is designed for growing plants outdoors where there is access to direct sunlight and power.

How much space do I need?

The Planter dimensions are 31” H x 32 ½” W and will fit on most porches, balconies, patios and small urban yards.

What countries do you ship to?

We are currently planning to ship the Planter within the United States.


How does the Planter know what I should grow?

UrbnEarth combines the insights from the Planter’s four advanced sensors with climate weather data from your region to accurately predict when your salad greens are ready to be harvested — and what you should be growing.

How does the subscription work?

UrbnEarth sends you pre-assembled seed trays and nutritious planter mix based on what you planted and when. The Planter keeps track of your harvesting cycle so you can continue growing your salads effortlessly. Simply snap in the seed trays and refill the water for a seamless planting experience.

Why are we taking reservations?

In order to gauge production demand, we are taking reservations from early adopters who want to help shape the future of food.

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